Who am I?

My name is Ismail Bolden. I’m the creator of the website IzzyLand. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications and an Associate’s of Arts in Spanish. I have skills in audio and video editing as well as some expertise in writing / blogging and web developing. I have a multitude of hobbies and interests such as traveling, cooking, playing video games and chess, writing poems, and many others. Lately, I’ve been making updates to my website and trying out new designs and marketing techniques. I just created a YouTube channel for IzzyLand where I plan to upload various video content that covers a wide range of topics.

What is IzzyLand?

Initially, the purpose behind the name is to represent the various creations and ideals of mine, for it’s not just limited to one interest or thought. What started as an idea grew to be something more. I want to not only showcase the versatility that IzzyLand signifies, but to become the platform for likeminded individuals, and especially for those who’ve been traumatized and silenced and want their story to be told.