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Nick Rekieta Livestream Partipation

This was a recent video on Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta’s Youtube channel.  I was able to make a few comments here and there while pitching in a few bucks.  I ask an important question at the 2:15:50 mark.


Lawyer Discussion on Vic Case

Licensed Minnesota lawyer and YouTube sensation, Nick Rekieta, interviews with Ty Beard – the affirmed Texas attorney representing notorious voice actor Vic Mignogna.


Details on the story

Recently, former Funimation VA Vic Mignogna, who’s known for playing Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist series, Broly in DragonBall series, and Tamaki in Host Club, was accused of sexual assault by a girl on Twitter.  She tweeted about her alleged assault, which was followed by a #KicVic movement, a few other fellow VA’s / co-workers coming forward, and Funimation terminating their contract with Vic.  The problem lies with the lack of evidence that’s more so hearsay and speculative. First there were a couple of rumors / testimonies by a few said fans and VA’s.  Secondly, a couple of photos surfaced, which didn’t really hint at an assault or harassment as what was claimed by the accusers.  Additionally, their statements were inconsistent and shaky, and one girl even argued that the picture she was in wasn’t an instance of sexual harassment or assault.  Furthermore, the said victims rampaged on Twitter by continuously slamming Vic and his many esteemed fans.  The entire thing is controversial.  Evidently, this may very well be another fabricated story concocted by devious individuals looking to increase their popularity or finance.

Nick Rekieta is one of the several YouTube users who’ve been covering this story on a daily basis.  He has provided various legal theories as to how Vic’s lawyer would approach the situation in court, and who can get the brunt of the lawsuit.  He’s set up a GoFundMe page for Vic’s legal expenses and is planning to create another one for Todd Haberkorn – another VA a part of Funimation accused of sexual assault.

The backlash behind #MeToo

The objective of the #MeToo movement is to encourage rape, abuse, sexual assault victims to come forward and report their cases. Though it’s best to bring attention to these issues, the problem is that there are people who are exploiting it for their own personal gain. In turn, it has ruined the lives of innocent men and severely weakened their credibility. What’s worse is that true victims are then very discouraged to bring their story into the light as they witness the movement become a major controversy in response to devious individuals mocking their cause. Now there are cases where some victims would wait much longer to report their attack / abuse (or don’t bother to report at all) because they feel they don’t have enough evidence and / or their rapist or abuser has authority and lots of connections.

Final Thoughts

Rape and abuses cases are very serious matters and should never be taken lightly. I don’t appreciate those who try to take advantage of the cause and ruin its credibility. I always try to keep a neutral mindset in various subject matters, but this particular issue makes me more inclined to deny the accusations and support the defendant. The accusers of this case really have no leg to stand on, and it’s upsetting that these people would go to such lengths to cause so much damage. They continue to flap their gums on Twitter while Vic keeps his silence and his social media interaction to a bare minimum.

I’ve been on the other side, and I still am. The never ending torment, the constant feeling of helplessness, and the loss of one’s dignity and sanity. Not to mention the delay of disclosure by lack of evidence, or the senseless doubt from many even after showing a handful of solid proof. It’s an endless struggle. Nevertheless, it’s crucial you collect as much evidence as possible. At least it’ll be more difficult for the facts to be questioned. Yes, there will still be those who’ll condemn and guilt you anyways, thanks to their personal biases influenced by your assailant / abuser. Even so, that should never dissuade you from seeking justice.