Broken Memories

By Ismail Bolden

Freedom Of The Future

By Ismail Bolden


By Ismail Bolden

Eyes open but not awake
Walking and functioning while dwelling on mistakes
What’s seen in front of you is reality
But the abnormal struggles and occurrences make it seem like you’re still trapped within a dream
Nothing but hopelessness and fear
Crying but there are no tears
Appearance is clean but mind is unkempt
Stay in motion yet feel inept
Cultivation of deprivation
An intricate depression
Bleed but don’t feel pain
Shave off faith against the grain
Put on a socially acceptable facade
Quiet but screaming on the inside
Fail no matter how hard you try
Found the answers but still ask why
Alive and competent but evanescent


By Ismail Bolden

This is the wish of a soulless man
I want to become whole again
Yes, I’m alive and breathing
But I can’t smile while I’m suffocating

Desire peace
Not silence nor violence
A dream no different from Dr. Martin Luther King’s

Love is my sweet tooth
No secrets, nothing but the truth
Perfection is unnecessary
Simply want another place of sanctuary
Not just family
Still want to have an angel laying next to me

No need for a crutch, but a need for a push
Keep me sane and doubtless
Fill the dark clouds hovering over me with light
So I can sleep soundly tonight


By Ismail Bolden

Lived life in the dark
Turned on the light and see nothing but grey
Time keeps passing by as I continue to cry
Look in the mirror and ask myself ‘Who am I?’
The gentle giant becomes violent
The warming smile dissipates
Always reminded that being employed is more important than staying alive
As I lay on the border of poverty
Scream for help only to receive pity and cold stares
Caved in the wreckage of reality
Gravity continues to pull on my sanity
Becoming the person I despise who everyone else secretly admire and recognize
A heartless being
A monster


By Ismail Bolden

Lived in dirt
Walks in a room full of snow
Pen and paper out
Intellect comes and goes
Demanded excellence in a timely fashion yet performance and potential cannot be floored
Clarity is implored but ignored
Expect to seek assistance instinctively
One’s volition is not always programmed to be
Immense confusion of societal ideologies
Crippling from temporal stimulants
Inhale morale ingest foul
Melding of a cryptic and stoic
The eyes are open and the mouth moves
But the genius continues to slumber


By Ismail Bolden

I exist in this Earth we walk on
I am the essence of breathing
The necessity for utilizing senses: hearing, tasting, seeing, and feeling

Yet I am the good and bad
Light and dark
Must follow this path for the journey you embark

I am what makes you happy
What brings you misery
I contain chaos and serenity

I consist of people
Shallow and callous
Who lack chivalry within major cities
Inhabiting cruelty and fallacies

I am Heaven
I am Hell
Imperfection I dwell

I am His creation
I am nature
I am evolution
I am

Dark Side of Humanity

By Ismail Bolden

One day an innocent boy was born into a world of chaos unknowingly
Later for his sanity to be snatched away by the very beings who try to save it
A boy with a wide smile
Full heart and stomach
Lividity wasted by others’ insecurities
Now his hollow shell fills with anger and emptiness
The dark clouds gather rapidly as the rainbow curves over destruction
Begs the question
Why must beauty be so ugly?
Sifting throught the wreakage searching for peace and tranquility only to be buried around more calamities
What part of this is worth living?
A black heart is granted authority but a kind soul is hexed by a superior entity
A world conquered by bullies
The only solution should never be to keep fighting
We will all die eventually but we refuse to cherish all lives fully
Being human is the ultimate disability
The innocent boy conceives it yet remains helpless
When will this toxic cycle ever end?


By Ismail Bolden

Ascend to the sky
Spirit is finally free
Several cried but faked
Back then poisoned, now pitied
Not caring how my heart ached
Years of unseen faces arrive
Where were you when I was alive?!?
Evil played the hero yet forced to repent
Karma is apparent
Soar through the cotton clouds
Witness chaos below
Pain I no longer know
Cleansed of vile
I’ve reclaimed my smile

True Beauty

By Ismail Bolden

Skin smooth like butter
Eyes that captures my soul
A smile that makes me quiver
Hair that flows like the ocean
Voice of tranquility
Gives birth to spring
Time freezes in her presence
A breath so captivating
Sensation feels surreal
But eyes are wide open
No need to deceive
A light emerged from darkness
Hand of kindness
Heart of hope
A spark that rekindles the dimmed flame